How to Tag The Video Widget for Figma to Elementor?

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If there is a video in your Figma design you can tag that element as an Elementor Video widget using the UiChemy plugin, so when you export the design as an Elementor template it will use the Video widget out of the box. 

What Can be Tagged?

A frame or an image can be tagged as a Video widget.

How to Tag?

Now select the frame or container containing the video in your design and click on the Tag tab in the UiChemy panel.

Note: Don’t tag the direct child frame of the top level frame, create a nested frame inside the child frame and add the elements to it. Then tag the nested frame.

Here you’ll see all the supported Elementor widgets, click on the Video widget.

On the next screen, you’ll get the information of which element you are tagging as what widget.

Then you’ll see widget specific tagging options.

  1. In the Source field, you have to select the video source. 
  2. Then in the Link field, you have to add the video URL.
  3. Once done, click on the Save button to complete the tagging.
uichemy tag video

Now if you export the design, that element will use the Video widget with all your specified information.

exported template with video