How to Quickly Create Figma Layouts using Templates in UiChemy?

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If you want to quickly create a Figma layout that you want to use as an Elementor template, you can use the templates from UiChemy. UiChemy has many pre-built templates that you can use to quickly set up a ready to use layout in Figma for Elementor export.

To access templates in UiChemy in Figma, open the UiChemy plugin and go to the Templates tab, here you’ll find all the available templates. 

You can use the search bar to search templates. 

Here, you’ll find three types of templates – 


These are top level templates. Every time you add these templates, it will create a top level page following the UiChemy design guidelines. Then you can add sections inside.


These are section templates, which create small sections, that should be inside a page template. But even if you add a section template directly, it will create a top level page automatically.


These are individual element templates. These templates will be added to the selected or current editing layer, so you should select the appropriate location before adding a component template.

You can also use the filter option to filter templates by type.

To use a template, just click on it, and it will be added to the canvas.

uichemy templates

Quickly Create a Website Using Templates 

Now, to create a layout or website you can add different blank column section templates and add elements to them or you can add section templates with content.

The best thing about using a template is that the components inside the template will be pre-tagged as per its relevant Elementor widget. So you don’t need to tag them manually.

You can continue to add section templates, which will be automatically added one after another. This way, you can create the entire layout in minutes.

Note: Make sure to select the top level frame while adding the section templates.

uichemy templates layout