My Images Are Not Migrated After Transfer?

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When you export a Figma design using UiChemy and then import it in Elementor, one of the common issues you might face is missing images.

This can especially happen when you use lots of images or large size images (5MB +) in your Figma layout.


The reason is when you export your layout from Figma using UiChemy, the images used in the Figma layout are uploaded to our cloud server, and when you import the template in Elementor, it will download the image from our cloud server to your server.

5 seconds is the default HTTP timeout, if your images take more than 5 seconds to download, then it will timeout, and the default Elementor image placeholder will be placed instead of your image. 

The download time will also depend on your server location and network speed.


To reduce the problem, make sure you have the following server settings.

  • PHP Time Limit: 300s
  • PHP Memory Limit: 256M
  • PHP Upload Limit: >100M

You can check the following guides to make the changes yourself, or you can contact your hosting provider for the same. 

Increase PHP time limit.

Increase PHP memory limit and upload limit.

You can also export your Figma layout with scaled images so smaller images are uploaded to reduce the load time.

UiChemy also provides an option to combine multiple images or elements into one image to reduce the number of elements exported.